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028. 1921-12-02 From Thomas & Son to Gouzeaucourt

029. 1921-12-28 From Thomas & Son

030. 1922-02-21 From Thomas & Son

031. 1922-03-07 Gouzeaucourt to Thomas & Son

 031. 1922-03-23 From Worcester to Gouzeaucourt

032. 1922-03-23

033. 1922-06-09 From Worcester to Mayor of Gouzeaucourt

034. 1922-06-09

035. 1923-07-20 From Thomas & Son to Gouzeaucourt

036. 1922-05

037. 1924-05-07

Gouzeaucourt 7th May 1924

Messrs Thomas & Sons (Worcester) Ltd
Manufacturers of Windmills & Pumps

I would like to inform you that the excavation works for the well for the supply of drinking water have been completed and that the mill and the pump can now be installed.

Please let me know if you are coming to do the work yourself or if you would prefer to entrust it to the company "Water and Sanitation Tenderers for Work for the Supply of Water"


 038. 1924-06-10

039. Note from the Town Hall

We acknowledge safe receipt of your cheque for 3183.50 fr. We have been very touched by the kindness, which you have already shown many times towards our community and we thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts.

We would really welcome a visit by a delegation from the City of Worcester who could judge for themselves the effectiveness brought about by your endeavours to enable us to have safe water.

Yours faithfully.


040. 1925-03-17