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Correspondence between Gouzeaucourt and the local authorities - the Préfecture du Nord de la Reconstitution, requesting whether the gifts being sent are 'livres' for the library or 'livres' sterling.

041. 1921-10-08

042. 1921-10-08

043. 1921-11-20

A local magazine's amusement...



Correspondence between Gouzeaucourt and the local authorities concerning the difficulties in liaising between Worcester and their adopted 'godchild'. These appear to be standard letters, suggesting that this was a problem experienced not just by Gouzeaucourt.

It does not however appear to have made any difference to the assistance being given by Worcester.

044. 1922-08-10

045. 1921-07-04 

046. 1923-01-13

 047. 1923-01-13

 048. 1923-01-13


The Town Hall

The re-building of Gouzeaucourt after the war was along an entirely new street plan, so thorough had the devastation of the old village been. The Town Hall was rebuilt in a new position (top picture) but was severely damaged by fire in 1926.

It was repaired along much the same lines, but many of the records stored there were lost. Mercifully, the correspondence with Worcester was not among them. 

049. Image courtesy of Lucien Defawe, Contribution a l'histoire du village de Gouzeucourt 


Letter from the Association of France and Great Britain asking 'godchildren' to offer help in the form of jobs to their 'godparent' now suffering due to the Great Depression in the UK.

050. 1929-03-21